The sweep-in media recovery systems, with high-efficiency dust collection, offer an economical alternative to full-area recovery. Install a sweep-in system in your new or existing blast facility and switch to recyclable abrasives - the cost saving and increased productivity can pay for the system in a few months.


Fllor Recovery Components - 1ft. wide "M" shaped recovery channel

Floor Recovery Area - 1ft. wide by 8ft., 10ft. or 12ft. long

Grating - 2000lbs/ sq.ft. uniform load

Media Transfer - Vacuum duct to media reclaimer ( 2hp motor mounted on reclaimer with optional dry filter)

Media Cleaning - Adjustable cyclonic seperator with wear plate

Media Storage - 12 cu.ft. total

Dust Collection - 900 cfm dry filter or self cleaning RP-cartridge collector. Ventilates media reclaimer only. Blast room dust collector must be ordered seperately

Blast Machine - ASME-code 6 cu.ft. capacity stationary blast machine with fine mesh Sentinel metering valve, TLR-300 pneumatic remote controls with ACS, 1-1/4" ID coupled blast hose and TXP-6 nozzle

Electrical Specifications - 230/460 volt, 3 phase, 60hz.

Other Options - Rubber lined reclaimer for aggressive medie. 12 or 18 cu.ft. storage hopper to extend blasting time between recovery cycles. Ramp plates to enhance access to surface-mounted recovery channel