Our airplane booths are specialized finishing environments tailor made to meet your products and requirements.

Sizes are available to accommodate anywhere from two seat high wings to Boeing 747’s.

There are two type of STRUCTURAL SOLUTIONS that we can provide: 


If hanger space is available, Aircraft Paint Booth Inserts may be the perfect solution for your refinishing operations. Paint booth inserts are placed inside the hanger and are completely self-supporting, requiring only that the user bring in utilities and connect to the insert. Aircraft paint booth inserts are typically purpose built for the type of aircraft being painting in the facility.


In some instances, such as new building construction, it is better to integrate the paint booth with the building elements. With a Hybrid Aircraft Paint Booth, the structure of the hanger holds up the booth ceiling and the building sidewalls can be integrated into the booth design to economize on material. We will work with the building architect(s) to integrate our paint booth design goals with the building design goals.