{ The Junair Quality Air Distribution System (QADS for short) }

Designed to reduce cylce times, cut energy costs, and increase overall profit of your shop. 


  • Flexible design allows for installation on any booth
  • Gain a flash-off time of 3-7 min for solvent or waterborne basecoat
  • Eases bottlenecking at paint stage for overall shop production
  • Adjustable nozzles allow for painting panels off the vehicle
  • Reduces need for fast activators
  • Energy costs cut by up to 40%
  • Booth cycle times reduced by 35%

Qads disrupt the regular airflow of the booth, forcing the air to move around the entire vehicle from all angles,

rather than just a downward or cross flow. 

Feel free to check out our  BROCHURE  on the Junair qads system.

For more information in regards to Qads, or to inquire for a purchase. Please CONTACT US