The cross draft design of the spray booth creates a clean paint job. Having the exhaust plenum by the front door ensures that all dust and contaminants are evacuated at once, before coming into contact with the vehicle.


Reverse Flow with Booth mounted 1.0 M BTU Heater, 80% Recirc. (1.5 M BTU upgrade)

Galvanized Steel, Powder Coated white

(2) T-8 4-Tube Class 1 Division 2 inside access light fixtures

32" Exhaust Fan with a 5hp VFD Controlled TEFC Motor

9'H x 9'4"W Main door opening, 3'x7' Man door

Double Skin Insulated doors with 1200 deg rock wool insulation

M-1 Spray and bake 1.0 M BTU Direct Fired Heater with Prefilters

Centrifugal Blower Powered by a 7.5hp Motor

Booth mount Duct kit, Automatic roof ventilator, square to rounds and fresh air cap

Air Switch interlock system

OPTION - Inlet Damper Conversion to keep cold air out when heater is not in use.

OPTION - Drive through door to substitute back wall.

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